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Birthday special reena roy was shocked when she knew shatrughan sinha marry with poonam pr

Reena Roy January 7 was born in 1957 in Mumbai. Reena was raised by her mother Sharda Roy. Reena has worked in great films in her film career. Reena, who made her debut with the film ‘Zoorat’ at the age of just 15, has done films of different genres. Reena’s real name is Roopa Roy, it is said that the name Reena was given to her by well-known producer-director BR Ishara. Reena took a risk in her film career at a time when the actress was very conscious about her image. Millions of fans were eager to get a glimpse of Reena, but the one whom Reena loved, surprised them with her decision.

Reena Roy Bindass Actress of 70-80s
Reena Roy got her real identity from the 1975 film ‘Zakhmi’. The open-minded Bindaas actress has played such roles in films, which the big heroines of that time used to shy away from playing. Naagin was one such role, which was played by Reena Roy in the 1976 film ‘Naagin’. After this role, Reena had become the heartbeat of millions of hearts. Reena Roy took the negative role of ‘Naagin’, which many actresses had refused to do, as a challenge. She became a superstar overnight by playing this role. The people of the bold and beautiful style of the actress were so crazy that they used to stand outside her house to get a glimpse of Reena. Fans used to write letters with blood. Many relationships used to come for marriage, but Reena’s heart fell with Shatrughan Sinha.

Reena Roy after Nagin got plenty marriage proposals, Reena Roy Interview, Reena Roy fans wrote letters in blood, Reena Roy Nagin, Reena Roy Nagin, Reena Roy fans

Reena Roy’s film ‘Naagin’ was released in 1976. (nstagram/reenaroy_mylove)

Superhit Jodi of Shatrughan Sinha-Reena Roy
When Reena Roy was at the peak of her career, the news of her and Shatrughan Sinha’s affair made a lot of headlines. Both also worked in many films together and they were seen as a couple. After the success of the film ‘Kalicharan’, they became a part of the superhit pair. Everything was going well but I do not know what happened that Shatrughan Sinha took a shocking decision.

When Reena Roy got a big shock
It happened that Reena Roy had gone to London for some reason. Like today, at that time there was no technology to spread news across the country and world in the blink of an eye. When she returned from London, the world of her love was devastated. In the absence of Reena, Shatrughan Sinha surprised everyone by marrying Poonam. According to media reports, it is said that when Reena returned to Mumbai, the ground slipped on her feet, the shocked and disturbed actress said that what was the need to get married in my absence?

reena roy

Reena Roy is celebrating her birthday.

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Reena Roy marries Mohsin Khan
Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan came after this in Reena Roy’s life. Reena married Mohsin saying goodbye to the film world and settled in Pakistan. Although she returned to Bollywood again with her husband Mohsin, she did not get fame again. Reena and Mohsin also separated after the birth of daughter Sanam Khan. At present, Reena is busy with her personal life.

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