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Coronavirus Fact Check: Can you catch black fungus from your refrigerator or onions? Myth busted! – Times of India

As India is battling the brand new upsurge of mucormycosis black fungus, there may be additionally quite a lot of misinformation concerning the an infection. The character of the escalating circumstances, particularly after COVID-19, is sufficient to scare folks.

Sadly, an rising proportion of circumstances have additionally given rise to conflicting claims on social media. Only recently one satisfied folks that issues of their residence may unfold dreaded fungal infections.

A latest declare on social media, which has been broadly shared, has led many to consider that greens saved in your fridge could include black fungus.


A put up initially printed in Hindi on Fb advises folks to watch out for generally used greens together with onions, which often is the precursor to black fungal an infection.

The put up can roughly be translated as “Watch out when shopping for onions from the market and retailer them within the fridge. The black grass or fungus usually seen on the outer overlaying of the onion is a toxic black fungus that causes mucormycosis. . ”

The viral declare additional mentions that if persons are not very cautious, black grime can unfold when the curry is cooked or saved within the cool setting of the fridge.

The authors of the put up additionally claimed that black mould may accumulate on the surfaces of the fridge and trigger harm.

From the date of publication, the put up has been broadly shared throughout platforms.


Not solely is the declare utterly unfaithful, however the mode of transmission of black fungi will not be solely by objects, or on this case, fruits or greens.

One is that the fungus that types contained in the fridge is totally totally different from the black fungal an infection on the onion peel.

In keeping with specialists, molds that develop contained in the fridge could be attributable to sure varieties of micro organism, yeast. Whereas they are often harmful and trigger contamination, they exhibit non-specific signs.

In the meantime, the fungus discovered on onion peel is the results of a typical fungus present in soil. Though it’s vital to clean all greens totally earlier than use, the fungus discovered on onions isn’t contagious.

Then again, black fungal an infection spreads very otherwise and is usually symptomatic. In keeping with well being specialists, it has a mortality charge of fifty%.

An infection of the black fungus, which spreads by a mould of fungi known as ‘mycormites’, is current within the setting. Infectious spores trigger harmful illness when an individual, who’s vulnerable to an infection, breathes them by contaminated surfaces (corresponding to unclean environments) or humid temperatures. Merely put, it’s not unfold by the meals you eat or the issues you possibly can contact, however if you ingest these infectious molds by impure surfaces.

Stories have additionally advised that using unfiltered or impure water provides used for oxygen in COVID-cases may be a supply of illness transmission.

Moreover, a black fungal an infection, though carries a excessive mortality charge, will not be contagious for everybody. In keeping with AIIMS director and famend medical knowledgeable, Dr. Randeep Guleria, folks affected by extreme or uncontrolled diabetes, or who’ve been utilizing steroid remedy for a very long time, as a result of their immunity could be suppressed.

Mucurmycetes an infection additionally primarily impacts individuals who undergo from extreme comorbidities or usually take drugs that suppress the physique’s resistance to preventing the an infection.

As well as, a black fungal an infection could be recognized and detected by extracting a fluid pattern from the sinus passages, tissue imaging, and prior medical historical past.


The knowledge on black fungal an infection has been clarified by many trusted medical specialists and medical doctors. Tips, data on social media have additionally been listed by the Indian Council of Medical Analysis (ICMR).

The decision

There is no such thing as a fact within the case of black fungal an infection, it’s much like molds grown in your fridge, or onions. At such occasions it’s important that we right our information, pay attention to the signs and search remedy as quickly as potential. When you’ve got not too long ago recovered from coronavirus, or expertise signs corresponding to a black crust across the nostril, extreme headache, swelling, redness, seek the advice of a health care provider as quickly as potential.



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