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Stop eating these food items before sleeping to keep obesity at bay!

New Delhi: Weight problems has change into a serious well being menace. With the COVID-19 restrictions, increasingly persons are staying at dwelling and main a sedentary life-style, which isn’t good on your well being in any respect. The lockdown has additionally led folks to binge eat – a explanation for nice concern as it could possibly result in weight problems. One other main issue that causes weight acquire is a heavy dinner. It’s because you do not do loads of bodily exercise between your final meal and earlier than bedtime. On this means the fats doesn’t burn from the meals however will get saved within the physique.

In keeping with weight loss program knowledgeable Dr. Ranjana Singh, dinner needs to be eaten about 3 hours earlier than sleeping.

Dr. Ranjan additionally lists some meals that shouldn’t be consumed earlier than bedtime. They’re:


Should you eat noodles at night time, then the carbs and fats present in it could possibly spoil your well being. It doesn’t comprise fiber in any respect and because of all these causes your weight can improve quickly.


Chocolate is excessive in caffeine in addition to sugar – each of that are dangerous for sleep as you will have an extra of sugar and caffeine could make you sleepy. The excessive sugar content material in them may cause weight acquire. It’s higher to keep away from consuming chocolate after dinner.

fried meals

Fried meals could make you acquire weight quick, as a result of fried meals comprises carbs and fatty acids, which work to extend your abdomen acidity and weight. So attempt to eat gentle meals at night time which is definitely digested.


Some folks prefer to drink soda to digest dinner, however they’re excessive in sugar which works to extend stomach fats quickly. So it’s higher to drink soda earlier than bedtime.



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